Friday, December 4, 2015


C putting him through a grid

I do not believe I have written very much about this incredibly sweet boy, primarily because he's a saint and whatever minor training issues he have will sort of even out in good time. But I wanted to at least mention him and tell his story.

After the purchase of Fynn fell apart, I kept my ears to the ground for the next lesson-horse-prospect. I saw an ad for Chente on Craigslist and thought, "that's pretty close by! How cute!" So I went out and I rode him. And I had so much fun. He is just the definition of sweet and well broke. Not a ton of balance, but he also doesn't have a ton of muscle. But he's obedient to the leg and to the hand and completely unflappable.

Partway through riding him at this place, some dude released several sheep into the arena. At one point, we ended up with a sheep sort of wedged under us, and Chente's expression didn't even change.

My first ride on him at home (8/21/2015 since I couldn't seem to remember)

He's always giving off this totally chill vibe, and he's uber patient with pretty much any rider I put on him.

The photo on the craigslist ad hahaha

Even the tiny ones below! He's sensitive enough to the aids that you never have to get after him but he's quiet enough that I can trust him with anyone. I sort of hit the lesson-horse jackpot.

He's a very honest and sweet jumper, though I don't see him having a ton of scope. But he's still got a LONG way to go strength and muscle-wise, so perhaps that will change. 

Oh, and Alyssa did the most amazing drawing for me of Chente! She really captured his sweetness.

We are currently preparing him to compete in a intro-level three day in March, so if I write further about him on the blog, we've got some background now!


  1. awww i'm just such a sucker for the dapples ;)

  2. He is so freakin handsome! :D
    You did hit the lesson horse jackpot, I can't believe he was so chill with the sheep!