KEL Equestrian

I've been teaching and training for ten years now, but I didn't really get serious until 6-7 years ago when I really started taking clients on. I learned through a lot of mistakes but I've had some wonderful trainers in both human and horse form.

My students have been successful in the lower levels of dressage, the hunter ring, and throughout their pony club assessments. I bring a lot of energy to my work and my passion to get better remains pretty evident.

I currently own a 10 year old OTTB named Tango who is definitely a project but he's taking to the work swimmingly. I bought him in August of 2014, and many of his adventures are chronicled here.

I also own a 7 year old Oldenburg mare named Katarina - she's an upper level eventing prospect and I'm very excited to have her on my team:

I've written a few books on how I teach horseback riding and plan on finishing the series in the next year or two.

I teach and train in the South Bay of San Fransisco and I love the weather here! Check out my website at to learn more about my methods or how to schedule me - or just keep browsing the blog. Lots of thoughts about me here.


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