Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 In Review Pt 1.5

Blogger continues to baffle me, but there's a video of my dog wrestling with a rope swing in here!

July involved a quick trip home to Michigan, along with more summer camps.

I love lake Michigan.

I made dinner for the family!

I went to the Cherry Festival.

Which it turns out is way more fun when you're an adult

I rode a friend's horse and stared at his head while my sister took selfies

There was also an awesome goat.

My friends house is effing gorgeous and someday I will take her up on her offer and come live with her.

I thought this was funny. So's my sister's face.

I rode a pit bike!

Lucy hunted lizards in the lavender.

Lucy ran 5.65 miles in 1 hour, 34 minutes.

And she couldn't have been happier about it.

He was a jerk.

When Tango first came home

Look at his face

I high fived a bear at the garlic festival

The kids decorated a horse for camp. It was great.

When August rolled around, I had Camou and Tango as personal projects.

The first time Tango tried cruising.

As unorthodox as it was, it actually did work in terms of calming him down

Happy kid, Donkey Camou

Hah hah hah cleaning tack?

Lucy stole another dog's frisbee and couldn't have been happier about it

NM came to visit and it was awesommeee!

I took to matching Lucy's kerchief to my shirt or breeches, depending.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 in Review Pt 2

 So Blogger is behaving oddly and I'm sort of tired so I guess I'll post part two now, and you can look for part one tomorrow! How totally confusing.

A photo-blurb surrounding a September in which Tango showed for the first time....

Pony getting a bath for a horse show

Whip totally ready to beat a horse who is horrible at getting his mane pulled.

Ahh NM is such a fun student.

Tide pooling.

A lovely sunset.

Tango learned how to give pony rides.

Practicing my dressage test on a living room floor

Parked in a business park!

Tango did pretty well for his first real show

Camou went for his first trail ride

The kids decorated my hair.
October, always an exciting month...

Free jumping Tango, who decided one-strides were for sissies

Camou & Lucy (note the matching kerchief!)

Jimmy and I were ON! I love this set of photos...

Ahhh ahah hah hahahaha

This was when Tango decided that standing still in the dressage court was not. going. to. happen.

I rearranged all the art in my house

And dressed Lucy and Woody up like football players. "Linebarker" and "Wide retriever"

We went to that play day and I think he did pretty well, hey?

A jump course I set up for myself.

Cleaning a leather halter.

November was rainy. Not as rainy as December, but hey.

Tango wore a tarp

I built a silly jump

Four students adjusted stirrup leathers

Tango got a new blanket

A student taught one of my lesson horses to bow

Camou was the only horse to stand in the rain.

E & I went for a really wonderful adventure to Graham Hill

My grandmother's dog got dressed up

A turkey was made

And I hung out with my sisters.
Holy cow! I feel like I've done so many things this year and at the same time, a lot of it has been incrementally the same. Does that make sense? Things get better and improve, but it's still teaching and riding and training, you know?

In December I took 8 kids and 5 horses to SDEC's Winter Show, which went really well. I traveled to Alabama to visit family.

Tango got excited about turnout

I looked everyone's tattoos up (which I still should write a blog post about...)

We went to the show!

I moved out of my apartment and into a house!

Woohoo moving!

More turnout

Did anyone else know there's a full-size replica of the parthenon in Nashville? I didn't either. I went to visit.

I pissed my sister off late at night.

And I took selfies with the family dog.
Woohoo, I give y'all a TON of credit if you slogged all the way through that! (The y'all I picked up in Alabama).

It's been a really neat year. I can't wait for next year.