Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another great weekend

This weekend was filled with some pretty great lessons. The highlight had to be when I explained the mechanics of the sitting trot in extreme detail to a new student and turned away to watch another rider for a moment. When I glanced back, there he was, cantering down the rail. I stared for a moment, wondering why I was confused by this. He sat perfectly still, the only evidence of his green-ness the heels that crept upwards... and then I remembered that this was his second riding lesson EVER.


But hey, he did a great job! There's something to be said for being very very fit.

On that note, I have to remember how very unfit Tango is for how energetic  he is. He has so little muscle, but he is so willing and eager to work! But he is certainly looking better. Every day, he rides more through, respects the bridle more, accepts the bit.

Did I mention that he jumped the other day and didn't even act like he was 100% out of control? Yes. I did. I'll mention it again.

I had a point for starting this post, and now I can't remember! Alas!