Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rainy Day Blues

This morning it rained. I woke up to the sound of it drizzling, and I felt puzzled. Almost wondered if I was back in Michigan.

And then I groaned, because I remembered I'd left one of my car windows open.

While driving to the barn, I ran into one of the guys who works at the barn on his way out. We paused at the bottom of the driveway to chat, and while chatting, someone on the other side of the highway lost control and went crashing into the median. His car was totaled. Like idiots with hero complexes, we went running across the highway, stopping traffic so this guy could get out of his car.

I went back to the barn to teach a lesson to new students and was shaken. I had a hard time remembering who had which name, and I couldn't seem to get my energy up to infuse basic figure-eights with excitement.

Then, while setting a grid, I get a text that Kat has cut herself.

Yuupppp, she really did a number.

I called the vet, texted some photos over, decided to have him come out and stitch her up.

And then I went to turn my car on and the battery was dead. I got a jump, a wonderfully kind client made it over to hold Kat for the vet, and I went on to my nannying job.

Pleh. Six stitches later, sounds like Kat's going to be just fine.


  1. Ugh wrecks on the 17 are the worst. Sounds like the day didn't go so well, but at least there is always tomorrow and Kat will be okay and that guy will be okay too.

  2. Crummy day :( glad everyone is ok tho, and hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  3. Now that is a bad day! I'm glad that none of it was serious though.

  4. Oh geez. It was nice to that you helped out the man in the car accident! Sorry to hear about the other unfortunate events. Hope Kat is all healed up soon :)

  5. That makes me feel all queasy! Hopefully the next day turned around