Friday, May 29, 2015


Last night while we were practicing our serpentines and leg yields, Kat took a really deep breath. Not unusual, no... But the gaits she offered me as a result felt as if for the first time I had actually put her on the aids. She floated, but she was entirely in my seat. Her transisitions were balanced and without fuss. We worked a few times around the arena with this feeling, all the while I babbled about what a good mare she is, and right before I was going to come out of a canter for a break, a deer came crashing along the hillside.

I gasped because it surprised me. Any guesses what Kat did?

Most nights, she'd bolt a few strides and then come back to me. Last night, as relaxed and listening as she was, she didn't change at all. Not in the bridle, and not in her pace. I was ecstatic!

I will add that I let her walk on the buckle as a reward and the second deer causes a spook but I'll take my successes as they come thank you very much.


  1. yay relaxation! my mare gives those deep sighs too and they're kinda intoxicating lol. great pic too!

    1. They really are, aren't they? mmm wish I could get them every ride.