Thursday, January 14, 2016

When The Internet Wins

Sometimes it's just a losing battle between the random things I can discover on the internet and legitimate projects.

Tonight I lost the battle of working on a very large editing project to pedigree research! This is okay because Denny Emerson condones it... right?

Come on, somebody back me up!

Pass The Glow (aka Tango)

Katarina BSH (aka Kat)

Invest in my Blues (aka Diva)

Zaccheaus (aka Jr)

Interesting things I learned from examining these pedigrees. First: both Diva and Kat have Gold Digger in their bloodlines:

Second: both Tango and Diva have Northern Dancer in their lines:

Third: both Tango and Kat have Raise a Native:

And lastly....


Navarone, KWPN Stallion

I am very much in love with Jr's sire! How absolutely gorgeous! Be right back, gotta put some years of training on Jr and see what he's capable of...


  1. ha i just fell down this rabbit hole not too long ago... it's fun stuff!

  2. It's incredible to see the similarities between the horses!

  3. If Denny says it's ok - it's ok!! :)