Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scratches are the Devil

Literally the devil.

I got a call from one of the ranch hands this morning saying that Diva was refusing to eat breakfast and also refusing to move.

I had never seen a horse react so badly overnight to scratches blowing up, so we called the vet in just to be sure... she got a penicillin injection, her legs shaved, put on bute and SMZs, and lots of various management instructions.

Fingers crossed she's feeling better soon, poor baby.


  1. Oh no! I hope she gets better soon!

  2. poor girl :( my mare had some variation of scratches up her cannon for the better part of four months (almost five, really), and it was animax ointment that finally solved our issues. hopefully Diva's outbreak is much more easily brought under control!

    1. oh and we also ended up putting her on a 2 wk course of doxy...

    2. holy jeez.... I'm hoping this doesn't blow up that badly. Was Iz ever lame because of it? I'm wondering if that has any indication about how severe/not-severe it might be.

    3. she never actually went lame on it, but it was *seriously* ouchy every time it blew up (and it blew up frequently).

      another thing we did was daily betadine solution scrubs (with warm water bc princess). didn't need a ton of betadine, but just the daily attention made a big difference.