Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And sometimes you get overwhelmed

I haven't written a coherent post for this blog in nearly a month... and now I'm like, where do I start with all the crap I have to write about?!

So I'll break it down into smaller chunks, as we blogggers are wont to do.

Tango finally came home from training which is several posts in and of itself because I have many thoughts and don't know how to parse them out correctly

I bought a new saddle for Kat and am already questioning the fit (facepalm)

A client bought a new horse and I love him but he's slightly gaited and therefore an interesting challenge

Gigi has learned how to trot/canter under a rider

Christmas occurred 

My best friend flew in from Michigan and we jumped in the ocean Christmas day

I rented a truck for a week

And took many adventures which I will write about soon, but CHECK OUT MY BRAVE MARE not even spooking at people or dogs or the waves or the motorcycles hanging out way far below us


  1. Looks like you have had some exciting things happen! IS that a mono flap saddle? It looks like the one my trainer has, so just curious. Too bad the fit is not quite right!

    1. It is not a monoflap - it's some variety of JRD. It's super comfortable and it's definitely not the worst fit ever, so we'll keep with it for a while, but it'll probably go up for sale eventually.

  2. Saddle fitting just sucks. Glad you're posting again, the blogosphere missed you!

  3. sounds like you've been busy busy! looking forward to the updates :)