Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Transcript from Tracey Pt. 1

Go ahead and put her on a figure eight and get her reaching into that contact a bit more.

Try to just lightly feel her mouth and get her into that connection. So soften her down a little bit more on that outside side. Keep softening her down there - get her pushing through the outside and just a little position at the poll.

And then come in down the long side and maybe just stay a hair in from the wall so you can keep working on the straightness. See if you can get her to reach a bit more down. I mean this is pretty quiet and calm and I like that, but... bend her in. Try to shorten your reins a little bit that you can get a feel of her, and she’s going to look at the horses walking down the road. But keep your outside leg on that she doesn’t fall outward.

 A little less wiggly in your middle, let that be in your hip, more that your hip pushes to the back of the saddle, not that your middle wiggles.

And when you’re ready here let’s go to a posting trot.

So even for the first transition I think I would walk and do that again just to see if you can get her listening a little more to that inner leg. Because what she did -- the reason that connection went a little bit kablooey was because she pushed against you with that inside side. So get your hands a little closer together. Soften her on that inside rein. Keep your hands together, make sure you know what you’re trying to do here. Don’t let your hand cross her neck which is real tempting when they lean on you like that.

Now let that first step out [to the trot] to be a little quieter. Encourage it to be smaller, you know, that she just starts out doing that “padunk” because padunking right now for her is fine.

Keep asking for this to get even more solid. That she really stays with you in that outside rein and stays off that inside leg. Really use that inner calf, the upper part of the inner calf. You’re asking her to step away from you a bit and she’s not really doing it, she’s really getting tight against your leg there. You might try the reins a little shorter -- not take more hold -- but when she’s giving and getting round suddenly your hands are way behind the saddle.

Now start thinking about the inside leg now because this is more or less where she pushes against you.

Keep asking because to me she’s still kind of flattening herself against you so that it ends up with her being just a little board-like a little braced there on the inside side. She’s not really taking that outside rein yet. It’s a whole lot different than it was --

Now a big circle when you get to the centerline out to the left, and again put her into both reins without pulling back. And don’t forget to change diagonals, good, details!

And then circle here. Now get her turning to the inside, think about that you want the middle of her chest looking along the line of the circle. Outside hand down. Let your shoulders turn where you’d like her shoulders to go. Not raising your right side - that your right side stays down. Allow the right elbow to stay quieter. The elbow opens and closes.


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    My primary reason for being such a video junkie is exactly this - to hear my trainers again and again

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  2. Such great advice & fab that you can immortalised it somewhere you can regularly check back to

    1. there's SO MUCH MORE because Tracey is so amazing

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