Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jump All The Big Sticks

From top to bottom:

Tango and rider tackled most of the challenging training level questions while schooling, jumped a few prelim fences, and generally were the bossiest of bosses.
Gus (a slightly gaited but eminently hilarious fellow) took to cross country like an old pro after we bribed him into the water. When we made it to the other water complex he looked at it like, "OH, this means TREATS" and plowed right in.

Kat and Lessee of course jumped everything because Kat has recently transformed into a cross country MACHINE.

Chente had no issues with water but needs a bit more discussion regarding straightness and distances - once he and I had it out though I had a lot of fun with him! 

GingerPony carried her rider across her first cross country schooling EVER and even with a few kerfuffle-y moments it was a wonderful success and I had a great time.