Monday, June 15, 2015

WRR June 14th

Tango debuted at his first jumping show! He's been resistant to the whole 'jumping' thing, not because he can't jump but because he forgets how to brake or turn or anything useful like that after he jumps. I decided that his flatwork's been going so well it was time to re-enter jumping boot camp, and it seems to be paying off.

the height difference is delightful
We also took Ginger pony, but in typical blogger fashion, I will save the photos of adorable ginger pony leaping over things for another day. Instead! You get photos of a slightly terrified rider and a very happy thoroughbred.

So happy - so scopey

I seriously felt like we could have jumped ANYTHING (including the arena fence? dear god please don't lock on to that little ottb)

He and I look like we want to go different directions here.

Happy owner! We LIVED! I say that in jest but seriously that dude is fast

This is my new favorite photo of Tango & I ever.

Ah! So cute! Love this horse.

His rider, on the other hand, totally let him down. Four courses & I went off course in three of them. How does that even happen? Who knows. The prescription? Ensure sufficient caffeination for next horse show.


  1. Wow, you two look great! Don't sweat going off-course. I have blamed insufficient caffeination for many of my own horse show issues - ha.

    1. Ah thank you!! I'm SO proud of him it's not even funny.

  2. Tango's got hops!! sounds like an awesome day (despite the oopsie moments on course... we've all been there!)

    1. I know everyone's done it but I was also so ridiculously embarrassed...