Thursday, June 4, 2015

If you lend Kate a camera...

.... she takes a lot of random photos of things.

I admire good photography so much - the knowledge of the camera and the eye for angles and colors is so impressive!

We have a new arena being put in at our farm (YAYAYAYAY for a standard size dressage court) and it's been super cool watching this work get done! So many trucks and so very much dirt. Can't wait to post photos of the arena when it's all finished.
In a brief equine update: Kat has had two days at JM's and is undergoing a simutaneously incredible transformation and a somewhat displeasing regression. To explain, her gaits and way of carrying herself is already AMAZINGLY different. But the nasty, witchy, evasive behaviors are back. Not as bad as they were at first, but I don't like their reappearance at all.

Indiana is learning how to carry himself - amazing how the work I'm doing with Kat is echoing through my other horses.

Tango's jumping side is developing well enough, I need to do a lot more grids with him for strength and balance.

Danny is going in for surgery tomorrow - we thought we'd thwarted it but I guess he does need the implant now.


  1. good luck to Danny! and hopefully what seems like Kat's regression is really just a little bump in the road before more progress :)