Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kat is heading to short term training

I don't know why but this photo makes me giggle every time I see it

JM came out this morning to put another ride on the mare - mostly to help compound some of the feelages she created Saturday. I took a few photos and didn't really ask if I could use them for the blog so I chopped her head off MWAHAHAHA just to show you how beautiful I think Kat looks.

This horse!

Anyhow - she suggested that Kat's ready to embark upon the journey of un-greenening (not JM's words...). Kat's spent the last three months becoming less rank, and now she's ready to begin a dressage career in earnest. After some discussion, we've decided to send Kat to her place for two weeks. I'm having a serious case of "I am totally copping out..." and definitely reflecting back on Jen's recent experience with training rides.

I'll be riding Kat a lot while she's there and taking more lessons than usual.

She's getting picked up tonight. JM works fast. Here's to bootcamp for both myself and for Kat!


  1. She looks good! I hope my whole experience helps you come to terms with it, it's the best thing I've done since I've owned him. Sometimes they just need a little bit more than you can give them in that particular moment/stage.

    1. Oh absolutely! You guys made so much progress and you kept reiterating how lucky you were to learn from someone who knows so much. I find myself thinking how lucky I am for my trainers all the time and I know this will be great for us, but it's also weird because in my entire professional life I've never had another trainer put training rides on my horses.

      Kat deserves me to check my ego at the door and do everything I can to further her career so this is a step for her as much as it is for me!

  2. great pictures!! it can be hard to let go of the reins (literally) for someone else to take over - i totally get that. but all the same i'm super excited to see how the program goes and hear all about your extra lessons!

    1. I have been taking copious notes and want to try to translate them from 'good for me' notes into something useful to people who read them!