Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Looking back for a moment

Sometimes I worry that I'm not challenging my students enough, and that I'm not providing learning opportunities for them and for myself.

But let's recap 2015 so far...
  • Located new jumping trainer in January
  • Attended combined event at Twin Rivers Horse Park in January
  • Competed at Fresno County Horse Park in February
  • Attended KHM Dressage in March
  • Attended Fox N Horn in March
  • Located new dressage trainer in March
  • Acquired three new horses and a pony for clients/the program
  • Took horses off the property for a trail ride at Calero
  • Took students cross country schooling at Graham Hill
  • Attended White Rock Ranch for a H/J show in April
  • Attended Peppertree Ranch for a H/J show in May
And the list goes on! As we grow and improve I'm sure this list will change. 

Fresno Feb 2015 (what a learning experience!)

New horse

New Pony

KHM March 2015

Trail ride @ Calero

Cross country schooling @ Graham Hill

More photos of the pony
Silly photos at white rock


  1. that new pony looks kinda like our old pony toby (pretty sure he's either dead or 100 by now lol)

    1. How funny! Do you have good memories of Toby or was he an evil pony?

  2. Looks like you've had an exciting year so far. I live not far from Fresno, so next time you are in the area you should let me know. You can contact e via my email any time.

    1. Hey how wonderful! I will definitely let you know

  3. Ahh Calero was so green, everything is so brown now :(

    1. Oh I knoww :( so glad I went when I did

  4. it's been a busy year! that pony is adorable too haha

    1. Right? Like I keep trucking along and all of a sudden I've done a bazillion things