Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not very Wordless Wednesday

I had several really difficult rides today. Not because my horses were bad... oh no. They were in fact very, very, very good. Kat accepted the bending and leg-yielding walk right from the get go and Tango figured out how to carry himself a little better. But I couldn't seem to get my head in the game, which showed up when I got on Danny.

I got mad at him.

For pretty much no reason.

I was expecting... I don't even know what, but when I didn't get it I felt myself kind of get angry and then I had to get off and sit on the mounting block while Danny tried to eat my boot and think about it.

I couldn't figure it out so I decided to be done for the day. I think I haven't been riding him enough and so a lot of his sensitivity is gone, which normally I would be very patient with. Perhaps I'd used all my mental focus for Tango and Kat earlier.

I turned Kat and Tango out together which was greatly entertaining because Tango really wants Kat to love him. She's not so certain about him though.

Hi guys! I look ridiculous from this angle!
Look how beautiful and dirty I am!

I'm just trotting around, showing off for Kat

These next few are of Tango being "playful"


"but kat why don't you love me?"

Tango's bringing all the moves

I love this mare's neck. 

"I'm tired."

I adore the expression on Kat's face

I'm legitimately frightened of that goat.

This is a photo of Kat being afraid of said goat. 


  1. hrm bummer about the not-great ride on Danny. i definitely know that feeling (an applaud your decision to just call it a day!) also, yea Kat and Tango are adorable playing around like that

    1. Thank you so much! I knew it was the right call but I couldn't help but feel a little down on myself - like I was giving up or failing Danny.

  2. Lovely photos! Sorry to hear you didn't have a great ride on Danny. I ride Apollo and occasionally a lesson horse and I have a really hard time "switching gears" between them. When I'm riding Apollo exclusively we are in sync a lot more but I have a lot to learn from the lesson horse. Hope your next ride on Danny is awesome!

    1. I can totally understand that. It's part of why I love my job, I get to ride so many different horses and try to serve each of them the best I can. And sometimes I glitch out and really can only ride my own horses.