Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jump courses this weekend

I'm taking a few kids to the White Rock show this Sunday, so I thought I'd write about our Saturday lessons as preparation.

This course will manage to use every piece of equipment for building jumps we have.

One sort of disheartening thing about our farm is that no jump course survives a single day due to the other trainers building a 'dressage court' in the center of the arena using all of our jump poles.

This makes the effort it takes to set a full course a bit more than I really feel up to most days, which results in a lot of grids and various haphazard lines set up.

However, to challenge my riders and properly coach them for shows, I should have courses set up more often. Yes, I am aware that setting this up the day before a show isn't ideal and I take full responsibility.

Okay. So we're going to mimic a show environment and have three course rides posted outside the arena. You have to walk the courses, tell me how many strides to ride things in, and then we'll warm up and ride it. We'll do the courses one at a time, I shan't make them memorize three courses right off the bat!

Anyhow it should be fun.

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  1. great plan - hope the kids did well with it! all practice is good - even if it's the day before haha.