Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cross country schooling

Last week I took two of my students to Graham Hill's Showgrounds for a little cross country schooling.

We had a pretty fabulous time.

 First of all, having the kids ride in a huge arena is simply delightful. Our arena affords a lot of opportunity for turning and not a lot of room for really developing straightness. This point aside, we did not focus on straightening our horses, we just warmed them up here.

Thanks phone, for putting this together?

Graham Hill has a variety of cross country jumps of a maximum height of probably 2'3", making it perfect for schooling. There's tires and a small bank, various coops and hedges, and lots of logs.

There's something so cool about being confident in my students and horses as they go around the field - I can't wait for the moment in the near future (hint, hint) when I get to let them run their first full cross country course. 

Thanks to E for letting me highlight her experience at Graham hill
All this aside, I'm taking Kat to Graham hill tomorrow for her first ever cross country experience.

Wish me luck.


  1. Ah that looks like fun! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. haha take me with you next time!! that sounds like the perfect place for me lol....

    seriously tho - glad your students had fun, and good luck with Kat :)

    1. I do believe you live a bit too far out for us to swing by and grab you & izzy... but if you ever come visit the bay area!