Sunday, April 19, 2015

JM 2 - Ride the freaking circle

I had another dressage lesson with JM on Monday (4.13) and holy cow guys, this woman is spectacular. She takes no sh** and gets it done. I love how hard she pushes me, but I understand that that's not everyone's thing.

I learned, much to my chagrin, that my left leg is weaker than my right leg.

This is new. I used to have a weak right leg and an overactive left leg. But here we are. I've quieted the left leg into weakness.

My homework pretty much boils down to sitting the trot a lot more and keeping my elbows WAY closer to my sides than I like. I find it uncomfortable and distracting. I'll get over it.

Tango needs to stay supple through all the transitions, and a fantastic exercise that we worked on for the trot-canter transition was to keep him counterbent all the way into the canter to make him think about himself a little more and stay listening.

With Kat, I need to wait her fits out and keep my legs on her, especially when she throws a fit over me asking her to bend. We need to improve her sensitivity to my leg in terms of asking her to move over/leg yield/enlarge circles.

She did say Tango's looking great, and I could definitely feel it. I'm very pleased with this injection of new things to work on!


  1. i kinda hate it when my weaknesses suddenly switch sides lol. glad you had a fun lesson!

    1. Dude it happens to my kids all the time but I had a serious amount of arrogance surrounding my whole "well I keep such a close eye on myself..." thing ahhh hahaha why are we as riders so silly?