Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where have I been?

I don't really know! I just woke up earlier and realized I quite miss my blog.

Isn't that a bit silly? I could just, you know, write on the blog.

Anyhow! Big stuff guys, big stuff going on.

First: Tango and Diva are hitting their first show of the year on Saturday. Just a simple schooling dressage show but it's Diva's first show ever (ever!) so it could be very, very exciting. Or not. Let's hope for not.

Second: Tango is mysteriously a bit off. He's 100% sound at the walk and trot, no head bobbing or short striding or wiggling or stiffness or... anything, really. And at the canter to the left. But the canter to the right feels like a train wreck, and he doesn't really want to pick it up. I honestly don't know why, or what it is. *sigh* horses are ridiculous. He's been feeling so significantly better each day that I want to see how he's feeling Friday before pulling him or taking a different horse in his place.

Third: There's a new horse coming to the farm on Saturday. She's an Oldenburg, and an Art Deco grandbaby. Yeah people, we're moving up the fancy scales here. I'll write more about her tomorrow.

Fourth: Ride On Video posted my cross country video!

Fifth: In order to bring this new horse to the farm, I'm interviewing for a job at a tech company in the area. I'm excited about the new horse, but also feel like I'm giving up/failing for having to take a normal-person job to help cover the new expenses. Bleh. Personal demons suck.


  1. personal demons do suck... so do real jobs... sigh. BUT, that new horse sounds VERY fun!!

    1. She's been a hoot so far! I'm waiting for three rides under our belt before I post about it, so tomorrow!

  2. awesome video!!! looks like so much fun (even if the water was apparently horrifying lol). that's super exciting about the new horse - can't wait to read more :)

    1. Yeah RideOnVideo is SUPER cool. And we had a blast... despite how terrifying the water was...