Monday, March 9, 2015

KHM Dressage: Results & Homework

First of all - what a great show. It was beautifully run, and even though I got lost in the GIGANTIC Gilroy Gaits, it was such fun. The kids & I had a great time.

Tango was pretty good at this show. No stepping on or otherwise running down people on the ground, which is a pretty nice bonus. However, he didn’t really feel like paying attention to his rider. Not in a dangerous or bolt-y sort of way, just looking at all the world and uninterested in anyone or anything.

I don’t have video for Training 2 and Training 3, but I will provide a summary of how the tests went: not very well. He was still stiff to the right from whatever had made him lame earlier in the week, so that impacted us a lot. I also struggled to create accuracy in the test, and that’s never a good thing for your scores.

I learned from Training 2 that our halts are still awful when we’re not at home (sigh) because we had zero immobility. Our medium walk is a little too tense and I need to ask for longer steps. We also need to alternate our work more. At home I often do my trot work (shoulder-in, leg yields, spirals, corners, circles, etc) and then move on to the canter work. I first get him balanced on a circle, then we do straight lines and corners and our baby half pass and whatnot. I need to split it all up more and ride with a LOT more transitions to get his attention and keep it focused on my.

I learned from Training 3 that Tango’s haunches fall all over the place when I don’t keep them in line. Shocking, hey? Anyhow, so if I remember to actually ride my horse we’ll do a lot better next time. We also broke gait out of the canter not once but twice, leading me to confirm my belief that I forgot how to ride. I also got the “careful not to perch” comment in the rider position box, so... that’s a good thing to work on.

I apologize for the weirdness, but it's annotated with the judge's comments. If you can even see me, hah hah.

Diva went along to this show and did FABULOUSLY for her first show ever. And I mean seriously amazing. Super proud. & C rode Tango and even though she's little and he's big they did very well together. We came home with a lot of homework and that's a wonderful thing!

 Gotta love some ribbons, hey? ;)

Oh, and I have a new horse. Yup. Have a photo:

What'd the judge say about perching...?


  1. congrats on a fun outing - glad you all had fun and came home w some nice satin! also, clever idea annotating the video with comments

    1. I saw someone else (with a good video..) who'd done it and I thought it was a really neat learning tool.

  2. Nice! It was in an outdoor? That's good news for us... did they have you warm up near the ring or is it kinda far? We're planning on doing the next one, Intro A and B woohoo!

    The canter movements of the 1-1 test is so odd, did you find it unreasonably short? Hilda Gurney was saying that the test doesn't have enough canter and that it's unfair to make a horse canter at C and then immediately lengthen to circle and then trot. I haven't ridden it yet.

    1. Yeah, the outdoor was great! And the warm up is right next to the ring, not so close that you're passing shoulder to shoulder with anyone, but line-of-sight.

      I found the canter to be challenging, and I can imagine it would be moreso on a horse that actually lengthened at shows. It just seemed like a lot to put on a horse - there's not a lot of time to establish a rhythm.

  3. Congratulations on the ribbons and on getting a new horse! I can't wait to read about him/her.