Monday, March 30, 2015

In which Kat transforms into...

a regular old advanced lesson horse.

Watch these videos, and tell me if you can see how hard I'm working.

I'm pretty certain it appears that she's been doing this for a million years and it's me with the bad hands and skinky legs that she's teaching.

Eesh! But goodness gracious do I love her.

This weekend was a great one for lessons, I felt like everyone rode spectacularly which is always a good feeling. I also cantered Tango on a 20 meter circle while I held onto the buckle, which I do believe is a feat to write home about.

I'm taking a lesson with a new dressage trainer today which I admit I'm a little nervous about. I hope Tango and Kat behave well enough that the lady agrees to come back if I like her.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! She's feeling better and better!

  2. nice work - she's looking good!!! hope you love the lessons!

    1. Danke! She's only been jumping for a few weeks, so I think she's doing fantastically.