Friday, March 20, 2015

Jumping things!

I got the DVD of my rides from Fresno and promptly pulled the stadium jumping one off the DVD so I could put it up and share it!

We had a lot of fun! They look like little jumps from this angle, and Bert definitely makes them feel small (if we ignore those moments where out takeoff point was... heinous.)

Kat's coming along, day by day. I'm longeing her in a chambon to try to get her to stretch and despite a few sessions, she's not really "getting" it. At the walk she's a boss, and sometimes at the trot she'll stretch down really well, and then she'll be irritated by something (who knows what, she is a mare after all) and throw her head up. Then she'll start to canter with her head straight up in the air. I remind her that we're trotting, and she'll trot very slowly until she remembers to stretch down to release the pressure. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but she simply doesn't get it yet, I think.

The other day another trainer watched me school her and was very encouraging about just working on getting her to relax into her gaits. She's very uptight and aware. We had some great trot work and I went to canter on a 20-meter circle and we bucked the whole circle probably four times. I don't really feel bothered by that right now, but soon I'm going to start to expect fewer strides of buck and more strides of canter.

Tango has been transformed into lesson horse extraordinaire of late. He's given w/t lessons to a handful of kids, w/t/c lessons a few times, and he's just generally been a doll.

I can't get over how cute my horse is.

I jumped her around a pretty simple course I'd had up for my kids. I know, there's the whole slow and careful progression thing to keep in mind, but it's so easy for her and so fun.

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  1. she looks like she was really starting to get it by the end!

    1. Thank you! She's a rather persnickety ride.