Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Schooling Shows Close* to Los Gatos in 2015

* And by close I mean within reasonable hauling distance.

There are a TON OF SHOWS in California.

I also wrote this entire post out and lost it due to internet errors. So this will now be a slightly truncated version, which might actually be easier to navigate. There's nothing for January or February because we're almost done with January and I've claimed February as my month.

Of March, we'll be attending the Fox N Horn show at Thorson's arena on the 28th.

In April, I'd like to attend the Spring Flower's combined test at Woodside Horse Park. It's a sly way to get my students to do more dressage.

The following weekend is JK Presents - I really liked how well run that show was. I'll certainly be attending that Sunday, even if it's just me and Tango.

I have Dressage at the Gaits in Gilroy on my personal calendar, but mostly because I am wondering if I could pull a normal day of work off around attending a few classes in the morning on Friday. Hahahaha

I prefer shows on Sunday because it doesn't disrupt my lesson schedule on Saturday & gives the kids a lot more packing time. The SMCHA Show on the 10th would do well for that, but I honestly don't know where it will be hosted... so that's a tricky one.

There's a 1-day trial at Twin Rivers the next weekend that I'd like to attend for myself, and then the following weekend is the Woodside Three Day which I've already committed to competing at.

Seeing as the KMT shows are about an hour and a half from my farm, I'd probably skip that one in favor of JK Presents. I repeat, I enjoyed the way that was run.

The Summit Riders Horseman's Association show on the 28th is a must do for us. I won't be charging a training fee & the hauling fee will be minimal. These organizations desperately need more support and this is the little bit I can do to make sure small organizations that are friendly and open can keep on trucking. (It's also like ten minutes from the farm so let's just sing a song for that).

There are two possible events for my students in July. The Woodside Combined Test/Hunter Derby would be so much fun so I'll definitely see who's ready for that. The SRHA show is, again, a must do for us. I'll even bring Tango.

The only viable options for my students in August are the Fox N Horn one and JK Presents. I don't have to make the call on that for a while - I think it'll really depend on how serious we are and if summer camps have killed all of our spirits.

Both SDEC and JK Presents are going on in September, but school will also be starting and we've approached a LOT of activity so far in this year. Some kids thrive on shows and some kids need lots of breaks. But the schooling show heavy schedule should allow us a lot of practice just getting ready and getting out there, regardless of how we do.  I lean in the JK Presents direction because there's dressage as well as jumping.

There's the SRHA Play day in October that once again, I'll be dragging students do. They're fun.

The following weekend is another one day that I'd like to attempt with whoever I've got fit at the moment. That's a long way off and there's summer between here and there though so we'll see.

We did SDEC's last show last year and it was a lot of fun. We'll probably do this one again.

The big, glaring omission to the schooling show list is White Rock Ranch, who evidently doesn't feel it necessary to actually post their schedule. All their shows are on Sunday and their class list is impressive, so I'd like to try to attend at least one, even if I go alone.

I'd also love to venture to Lone Tree Farm but that's a 3.5 hour drive so it'd likely be just two horses going to one of those events. It might be fun, but it'd be pretty tricky to pull off.


  1. KHM Dressage also does dressage schooling shows at Gilroy Gaits but they haven't posted their schedule either. Planning on one for the baby horse but gah scheduling. I didn't realize Woodside had their schooling show dates up yet, thanks!

    1. Awesome, I will have to keep my eye on that calendar! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. So jealous of all those showing opportunities, what fun!

    1. This is just incredible to me. When I was in Michigan we had three annual shows within twenty minutes but they were speed events and then the county fair. The nearest dressage event was a 2.5 hour drive for the schooling show.

  3. Looks like your students will have a load of opportunities this year~!

    1. Fingers crossed, we'll rub the green off our lesson horses and we'll actually be able to focus on being competitive by the end of the year.

  4. woo hoo - do ALL the shows!!! the actual logistics side of it is such a pain, but hopefully y'all have some great outings!

    1. Can you imagine how upset everyone's parents would be if I pressured them into doing all the shows ;) ? I love it! "First we'll drive at 6am to Livermore and crank out a dressage test, then we'll drive to Santa Cruz for an afternoon of jumping! no, no, the hauling fees won't cost more than all the entry fees combined... I think..."