Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SRHA October Play Day

First I got up early to drive out to Scott's Valley and pick the truck and trailer up. I was rewarded with this awesome view off the mountains! Plus I just love driving a truck and trailer around... honestly, it's too much fun.

Then we loaded Able & Jimmy up to go play with pumpkins and have a grand time. Able decided that trailers were scary, I felt short on time, and so I switched him out for Harley. This ended up being a pretty good decision anyhow as Harley's a champ.

I was thinking about going into more detail about this whole adventure, but I'll just throw my photos up here and comment as I go.

First ribbon ever for horse and rider!

Up close view of these neato-burrito ribbons

Novice class all hanging out!

Less edited version of the same group

I love costume contests for this reason alone.

Pretty much a great day for everyone's first show.
I rode a bit, but next time I'll definitely bring more horses because it's a open and friendly little group and we had a great deal of fun.

My only little vignette about this adventure was when this kid who took his very first lesson ever on Saturday shows up Sunday to the event because one of the students had invited him. I offered to go back and get another horse for him, but one of the SRHA hosts offered her horse for him to use. I was floored, but laziness won out and I said sure.

I repeat: I inadvertently took a student who had spent one (1) hour in the saddle in his whole life to a show.

Ei yi yi.

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