Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Have to' vs 'get to'

I just started reading "Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?" by Seth Godin. I have this habit of reading (I've mentioned it before) and I really love reading business books. I don't really take action on most of what I read but I find the concepts of a customer's lifetime worth and how much I could potentially invest to acquire a new student to be pretty fascinating.

This morning, I read in this massive tome, a collection of blog posts:
Someone asked me the other day if posting a blog post every day is intimidating or a grind.
I view it as something I get to do. I spend most of my blogging time deciding what not to post.
The best work, at least for me, is the stuff you get to do. If you are really good at that, you're lucky enough to have very little of the have to stuff left. -Seth Godin
And it sparked me. I get to work with kids and adults, and I get to lead them into my world. A world filled with balance issues and aggravating asymmetries and the pursuit of today's perfection. I live in a world where I wonder how best I can allow my horse to express himself, how to design a workout that helps us move with more unity, communicate with more clarity.

Because when it comes down to it, the horse is a prey animal who allows us to direct them. Their trust is not always complete but it is powerful. No matter how many times I beat myself up mentally, wonder if I'll ever get it, groan about how it's just not worth it... my horse doesn't care. As long as I approach him with consistency and kindness, he will forgive my predatorial nature and just keep on being a horse. Lending me his 1200 pounds and five feet of perspective.

And I get to open this door, or polish a window, and place my hand on these people's shoulders as I say, "Look at this! Look at the possibilities!"

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