Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Goals/September Review

This past month was a whirlwind, it felt like.

Review: Jimmy has longing reinstalled (for me, not for kids yet) and the stretching thing needs a few professional rides for him to get the idea, I think. So I'll give him a 50%. His goals for the upcoming month are to survive 30 days of training with me again, because as a thank you for the truck and trailer lending, I've offered to ride him. Let's start with stretching? And maybe improve our steering? And then we'll see from there. I always have so much fun riding him, but my students often find him (this is me quoting here) "annoying." I've also heard "difficult." And maybe once he even got a muttered "asshole." So I guess we'll try to figure that out in only a month? HAH.

Bert got ridden more, sure. He didn't get out on the trails at all because he's apparently terrified of everything. I believe it. His October goals are to get fit enough to go to a show in December.

Camou did not end up visiting JK Presents, which was a good thing. He's now developed a weird attitude that I suspect more work will cure. Our October plan is as follows:

The trail walks are interspersed in there for two reasons. 1) His owner wants to be able to safely do trails with him, and I think he needs a LOT more exposure before I feel comfortable with that.

Not that he was bad the other day... just that I'm a worrywart. 
and 2) my farm is comprised of HILLS. All hills. That's all we've got. Which I've heard through the grapevine is great for developing some butt muscle. And although Camou thinks he's a quarter horse, he still could use some butt muscle.

Our flatting sessions will focus primarily on installing some lateral bend, getting him in front of my leg, and some adjustability exercises. Our jumping sessions will primarily be me trying to keep him steering while we jump things, because he forgets that he has to be steered, on occassion.

Danny did GREAT on his trip up north to cross country land, and I'm going to try to haul him to Anne's for a lesson or two some time before February, when I hope to do our first event together. This month, I'd like to do two dressage flats a week and keep working on our adjustability and rideability. Because sometimes he has none.

Tango.... oh my Tango.... We're revisiting the basics this week.

So this post has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks now. Is it the 14th of October? Shhhh.




Ohmygod Camou you look like a wild feral beast!

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