Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lesson with SP

Camou and Jimmy had a lesson with Sarah Phaklides on Sunday. Several takeaways:

  • I have a tricky lower leg. I need to practice my two-point a lot more in order to cement the lower leg. 
  • I need to demand more of the horses I ride (ugh! This 'classical training' sometimes makes me creep forward with my demands...) 
  • There is a lot more adventure to be had in my little arena than I've been giving it credit for!
  • I also act like a short person over jumps... or at least I pretend I'm small. 
Sarah got on Jimmy and proceeded to argue him into this lovely and attractive trot, which definitely assisted in driving home the 'demanding more' point. I also got Camou bending more than I've asked for and as a result he was totally rideable on course. 



They drive me nuts sometimes. Have some videos:

This one is from Saturday night.

This is the jumping part of Camou's session with Sarah.

I apologize for the lack of exciting blogging, I just seem to blank every time I open Blogger. "Uhm... yeah, I've been riding..." 

"Cool, what've you been doing?"

"Uh... I think I've been doing a lot of bending. And softening. And a metric fuck ton of leg yielding."

"Neat! So Camou's leg yielding now?" 

"No... but Tango and Danny leg yield quite nicely."

"Yeah, we knew that."

"Then I'm out of interesting things. Jimmy has started to stretch again, Camou is beginning to actually go FORWARD, and Danny's flying changes have disappeared."

"Awesome! So how're you working through all of that?"


Seriously. My brain. Where has it gone?

Summit rider's play day this Sunday for the ponies to get some exposure! That should be exciting.

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