Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Toodling with Tango, A Tuesday post

Okay I'll admit that I don't really do all that much "toodling" with this horse, but I liked the way it sounds so I dug back to like February and compiled all the ridiculous things I've done with Tango when I want to get him out but don't really feel up to actually working on anything.

Pictured above, our getup for 4th of July. We walked all over the farm, awkwardly trotted some figure-eights, cantered mostly because I was like "I AM RIDING MY RUNAWAY OTTB IN A HALTER" and wanted to do it.

Pictured below is one of probably three dozen photos I took while trying to highlight Tango's dappled butt.

Does an off the property trail ride count as toodling? For an event horse, I'm inclined to think maybe not... but I have SO MUCH fun trail riding this beast so we're counting this one pictured below.  There were many others. I have a lot of ear shots of this horse at this point.

Oh, the first time I rode Tango in just a halter all over the property, documented as being in early February of this year.

I wanted him to stand on a log for no good reason other than I wanted him to do it. 

He thought maybe I should keep my opinions to myself. 

But he gave it a try.

And eventually he did it. I then rode him back to his stall, bareback and in just a halter.


  1. Replies
    1. He's sooooo good. Like just such a good dude even if he does take himself too seriously from time to time

  2. I'd love to hear about how your journey started and how you began training. I'm wanting to take a sharp 90 degree turn in life and really take a shot at having a career in horses.

    1. Happy to tell you the saga! Shoot me an email kathrynelizlittle@gmail.com

  3. He is so freakin sweet. I'm glad things are going well with him :)

  4. He's amazing in so many ways. So lucky to love him.