Friday, July 22, 2016


to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc. 

I have a massive lesson write-up forthcoming, but I thought I'd share some of my analytic process as I attempt to improve my riding. 

I can get super down a rabbit-hole and nitpick myself to death, ESPECIALLY as I learn new positional changes. Like, dangit body, you literally just learned this a week ago why isn't it old hat by now?

One thing I try to do with myself is even when I find 12,345,894,984,001 things wrong with my riding, I do try to find at least one thing I really like or think is improved in every photo. Or moment in time - these screenshots I obviously don't take when mid-session. I've just grabbed these for your benefit, dear Reader.

I have an app on my phone that will slow videos out for me so I like to take a minute or two of video when Kat is working well and it feels good, then give her a walk break while I watch it, then pick one thing or 'cue' for myself to hook into, then back to work and see if it's improved. A good session will have two or three total reviews for me to work on improving my riding. It's a lot of stop and go, sure, but Kat tolerates it well, Tango tolerates it better, and Chente could literally give ZERO f***s about what I do while riding so.... 

I can over analyze ALL THE HORSES

I have a lot of improvements to make in my position and I think a lot so my approach to trying to solidify changes is predictably cerebral. This very intense check-in for myself slows down as I feel more 'safe' in my new position.

If you made it this far through all these spectacularly terrible screen shots, first you get a high five. Second, these screen shots do not for good media make. Third, you might be asking yourself what sort of corrections I'm making to myself -- and you get THOSE answers on Monday and possibly Tuesday because I'm not sure I feel up to subjecting you poor souls to a few thousand words on a single dressage lesson wherein I do not leave a 20 meter circle for long at all.


  1. I'll have media for you this weekend!! Ugh I have been there with my position. I've been totally obsessing over riding up vs down in my last few rides. It's so interesting! She's teaching at wmf tomorrow morning and I'm totally going to go absorb more nitpicky things to torture myself with this week lol dressage is hard!

    1. The up vs down thing I need to really think more on - I dug through Mary wanless's books for more detail but couldn't find what I needed. Hahlp! I plan to ask for more feedback on that specifically at the next lesson.

    2. Also it's not an Olympic sport for no reason *I offer to parents who don't understand why their kid isn't amazing yet, while simultaneously reminding myself that this is a journey*

  2. Oooh what is the app for slowing down video? Can you grab the screen shots from that too?
    I would love to multitask my media by being able to freeze frame pics from videos 😇

    100% get the over analysing thing, I rarely have media but when I do I tend to be super hard on myself...maybe if I had more I'd be more lenient - Hmmm food for thought

  3. Finding that one positive can help your mindset immensely!!

  4. Ugh I'm so deep down the positional black hole... Esp now that I'm not riding as often it's a real struggle trying to hold my position and not get fatigued. It's always just a work in progress tho I think.

  5. Love your dedication to improving!