Monday, July 18, 2016

A Tangoose with Wings

I jumped Tango the other day because I had some time and I had a grid set up and (I have a bizarrely long list of justifications for jumping my own horse, perhaps that contributes to his labored progress in jumping.)

He was, and I don't say this lightly, a star. The more confident he gets in his own body, the better a jumper he becomes, and the easier it is to stay with him.

What are some elements of his growing confidence? I think he's gaining weight and muscle and that allows him to rebalance himself more quickly. I think with practice, he's figuring out how all this legs work. I think with practice, I'm learning to manage his desire to get low and fast and transform that into up and back. I think with better flatwork installed, the reactions necessary for sitting back are becoming easier. 

And we trust each other more every day.

Although I do admit sometimes when I cluck before a jump if I feel him waffle, he definitely replies with "OH SH** I"M OUT OF HERE I AM SO SORRY IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN" and that usually requires a few extra half-halts after the jump.


  1. How many ways can I say this: Tango is my favorite. So happy to hear he's gaining confidence! He looks amazing in that photo.

  2. Yay Tango!! So happy he is doing so well!!