Friday, July 10, 2015

Not riding

Last Friday I fell off of this goose and really hurt my back. We came through a one stride and she hail-mary-bounced it and instead of assuming that the distance was bad, I rode through it underpowered and she rolled her shoulder out and ditched me. I went splat.

I got on Jr on Monday for about three minutes to show a kid what I meant by holding her outside elbow back to catch his drifting shoulder, I schooled Kat Tuesday, and I jumped Tango Wednesday. Things were looking up. Then last night I went to go see a movie and something about the weird recliner couches the theater has exacerbated my back pain to a nearly crippling level.

Hobbling about the arena while shouting about heels down and please look where you're going to the campers - it's shocking how hungry I was to be riding and it's seriously been like 24 hours. It's not so bad when I'm able to ride and plan for days off for myself, but it sucks when it feels forced.

Cappuccino has been sent into ground manners/spookbusting boot camp, and I have a question for my readers. I cannot get her to accept a treat from me. I've tried various commercial treats, sugar cubes, carrots, apples, etc, but she won't take a treat from my hand. I can get a bit in her mouth, I can rub her head all over. She seems content, and if I physically stuff the sugar cube in her mouth (I don't know why I felt this was so important) she'll eat it happily and snuffle the floor looking for more.

What. Even. Advice?

E has been riding Kat for me and it's wonderful to see how well they're starting to work together - I never wanted Kat to be a one woman horse and I'm glad to see she's coming around already.

Tango has been doing some gridwork to help him rock back and use his body better - JM's partner (confusing because initials are also JM - maybe JMJ for jumping?) wants me to work over the smaller fences to help him find his feet, but I have the instinct that starting over larger fences and then making them smaller to see if he still remembers how the legs work would be more beneficial.

But in trainers I trust, plus I can't ride anyways because my back is hurting so much.

This has nothing to do with anything but I saw it on Facebook and thought it was funny so I'm sharing it with you.


  1. bummer about your neck! hope it heals quickly :( re: the treats, my mare won't take treats from my hand if i've recently been handling something she deems icky, like medical ointments or certain grooming products (MTG however, is NBD). not sure if that's this horse's problem tho

  2. Ouch :( back pain sufferers unite! Movie chairs are the worst.

  3. Do you have gloves on when you're attempting the hand feed? My gelding Henry took months to take treats from my gloved hands (my winter gloves are leather and smell very leathery)...I think that's what it was.

  4. So sad to hear about your back pain haunting you wherever you went, all the way into a theater. Injuries can really do a number on us, even after a long time has passed since the actual injury happened. I think you should see a good chiropractor for this, and let that person inspect the extent of damage in that area. You really have to inspect something like this, since injuries do hide a deeper damage.

    Daniel Klein @ Everybody's Chiropractic