Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eiii yi yi

Cappuccino reared up & flipped over on me about two weeks ago and I broke my left little finger. I thought it was nbd until the orthopedic surgeon called and said she wanted to see me asap. I really wanted to avoid surgery (holy long recovery batman) and so we cast the hand and waited a week.

the night of - waiting in urgent care
 I re-injured my back in the fall and they x-rayed it at urgent care which was a very painful process - I couldn't lay flat because of how inflamed it was. I was worried but thankfully the x-rays returned showing no skeletal injury. Yay!
plz no surgery dr!

Holy hannah one week later & it's UGLY
 After waiting a week and re-checking the hand, I thankfully don't need surgery on the little finger and have been re-cast in a new, more purple cast.
ahahahahahahahaha previous cast tan (we also picked this color hoping it'd hide the dirt)
I share all this primarily because I'm finding typing exceedingly difficult and so if/when I post for the next few weeks it'll be terse.


  1. I sprained my right little finger really badly a couple months ago. It swelled to more than twice the original size, was really sore, and badly bruised. Don't think it was broken because I could move it, but it swelled so much I could bend it only a teeny bit, with difficultly. Still it was bad, so I know how it feels! I hope it heals quickly!

  2. oh no! :( you poor thing, i hate hate HATE injuring my fingers/hands - and yet they are seemingly the most vulnerable. all the same, glad it wasn't worse and glad you don't need surgery!

  3. Man.. that is BRUTAL. Right in summer too! How shitty. I'm sorry for your luck. Glad you don't need surgery though, I had a friend that battled with her finger after a horse fall, and it needed surgery, and all this treatment afterwards... such a nightmare!

  4. Also, what does this mean for Cappuccino & the challenge?