Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday (sorta)

Pepper being friendly

Lucy dragged the pillow down to be closer to me

Tango put himself in the corner I swear

it's freaking gorgeous in california sometimes

This little mustang has been SO GOOD!

Ah hah hah more rain

I'm seriously going to talk someone into letting me build this jump on our farm

and this too!

I just think my dog is really cute

This is an awesome book and I should write a review about it or something


  1. ugh so much rain!!! also - where is that spider jump from??? i swear i've seen it (or variations thereof) before and LOVE it haha

    1. Horseman's Daily or something compiled a list of trail elements and this was on it. I don't actually know where it's from but I adore it!