Thursday, February 12, 2015

FCHP Part 1: Getting there

These posts will be a bit short just because I'm writing them right before bed in order to keep my students/family apprised: I promise a full and more in-depth commentary later! Also this is a media-less post despite my best intentions because the Wi-Fi at this hotel is actually the worst. Because it makes this offering - yes, I will let you use me! And then says "haha actually I'm going to disengage now!"

We had a safe journey to Fresno today despite truck malfunctions (luckily it was all taken care of before we had to hit the road!)

The horses loaded up quite nicely.

Good god, California is breathtaking. We drove through these amazing hills, saw the San Luis Reservoir at what had to be the perfect lighting.

The horses also unloaded nicely, which was especially surprising considering there were firework-noises going on just over the hill and about a hundred strange horses surrounding us. They settled into their stalls pretty well.

I’m looking forward to our dressage tests tomorrow afternoon and of course watching the CIC classes! And also actually laying eyes on the cross country course. We got in a little too late to walk the course. 


  1. so exciting!! glad the trip out went well, and looking forward to reading more :) good luck!

  2. Good luck! Glad everything is going smoothly!

    1. Thank you! Fingers crossed it stays this way