Monday, February 9, 2015

Rain and a crooked Danny

This weekend it rained a lot. I taught anyway, of course!

Mad props to my kids for showing up and working hard in their lessons despite being totally soaking wet.

And I really mean soaking wet.

 Then once I drove down into the valley it was all sunshine and rainbows. What. Even.

This morning I worked Danny in a dressage saddle for the first time in a really long time. He was hot off my leg, a bit charge-y, and generally difficult. I schooled about a million transitions mostly enforcing the whole "stay on the bit AND bent while you transition." Silly Morgan.

I'm re-reading the incredible Equestrian Instruction by Jill Hassler-Scoop and gleaning lots of insights for ways to improve my teaching. I've been feeling a bit burnt out (sorry kids) and I'm hoping some of the ideas from the book will reinvigorate me for my teaching.


  1. your kids are dedicated!!! i don't mind riding in light rain... but that looks like something different entirely!

  2. Yeah it was sheeting on us. I'm pretty proud of their dedication, for sure!

  3. #1 - I didn't ride in the rain ever (we have an indoor!) until I started training with my current instructor, who is from England. We regularly have summer lessons in downpours (again, we have an indoor!) I don't mind it much, but she did have to spend a lot of time talking me down off the "but my saddle is going to be ruined!" ledge.

    #2 - I am nowhere near a trainer, but I have and have read that Equestrian Instruction book. I like to think it's made me a better student.