Sunday, August 17, 2014

Slightly more than Mid-August check in

Jimmy's all "hey gurrrlll"
I have ridden Jimmy twice, both times to leap about a jump course because he was being difficult for a student. 

I had a client put spurs on Bert to practice turns on the forehand, and I think it helped? I'll still need to get on him to confirm. Especially as my goal was four times this month... and at this point we're still at zero. Oops.

Tango is... mostly cantering quietly. He's given a few lessons at this point, but he went into racehorse mode for a little while yesterday:

I'm having a grand ol' time with Camou, although I disocovered that my unfolding at the knee problem is worse than previously thought. I also figured out that he'll pick up the correct lead if you counterflex him headed to the left. This was a difficult thing, but hopefully we'll get it more consistent and he'll improve.

A working student longed Harley in the Chambon yesterday and he started to relax a bit... he'll need a lot more work before he actually starts to come over his back. I'll try to take the time this week to massage him and see if that helps a bit.

Danny hasn't been properly worked... at all. Shhhh summer camp is so hard to work around.
And there's my check-in!

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