Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here's to a fitness... plan?

I rode Tango yesterday for approximately 15 minutes. It was hard to incorporate everything I'd learned with him because he's a freight train when he gets going and it's hard to cyle all the thoughts through my head in order to organize my body properly. So that was rough.

I'm ordering an appropriately sized yoga ball to start practicing Erika Prockl's exercises on. I'd not only like to more thoroughly review her work, but I think pretty much anything has gotta help me get my abs on.

I have more books on how to be fit laying around than I like to think about, so I'm going to focus on just trying to actually work out off-the-horse more than once or twice a week. And not just running, although that's good for me too. I'd like to build some muscle, and the best way to do that is weightlifting and bodyweight exercises, right? Ugh.

So here's a goal: sweat (not from riding or standing around in the sun teaching) 4 times a week. At least ten minutes at a time.

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