Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Great Artists Steal

In my cursory research I cannot tell who, exactly, wrote that "good artists borrow, great artists steal."

Here are some sayings I've shamelessly stolen from other trainers in the last few months. (I remain in hot pursuit of artisanship.)
  • Try to help the bit feel the same to the horse in every part of every stride
  • Keep your hands still relative to the horse
  • Let's bring the elbow closer to the stifle as if the ribs are going to get closer to each other on the inside
  • Push the outside ear forward
  • Think about landing more softly -- if there was an eggshell on the saddle, I don't want you to break it
  • Spread your shoulders apart as if there were an angel one shoulder and a devil on the other and you don't want them to touch one another
  • We want him to stand up a little more on the inside side 
  • Let's bring our posting trot under a bit more tension so we aren't so loose in our mechanic
  • Think about sending the hips back and away from the shoulders as they come up in the canter


  1. I like the angel and devil analogy- a good reminder on shoulders!

  2. one of my favorites in recent memory was "Squeeze your belly button!!" as a way to help a student learn to engage her core. so many fun ways to communicate riding ideas!

  3. These are great little bits of wisdom! Love the one about bringing the elbow closer to the stifle to bring the ribs closer together... great visual!

  4. Steal like an Artist: Austin Kleon ;)

  5. Those are all so elegant sounding. I've gotten "Elbows in! I don't want chicken wings over the jump!"

  6. I'm all about not reinventing the wheel!