Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Please Chime In! (This is an experiment)

Okay - I've read a book over the last two days that I've written my thoughts on and I'll post them Thursday, but first:

Can you list 10 of your riding skills?

I'm changing my blog's preferences so that none of your comments will immediately go live so that you don't give each other ideas for a list.

I'm including this photo because I just rediscovered it and I think it's hilarious


  1. In no particular order:
    -Strong gallop position
    -Find pleasure in dressage
    -Solid lower leg
    -Enjoy the puzzle of a difficult or green horse
    -Good at backing the babies
    -Strong jumping position
    -Independent seat and hands
    -Willing to offer praise but also set boundaries
    -Willing to look to myself for the horse's problems

  2. I can't say I have skills. So I have to list attributes.
    1.I have a horse,tack,truck & trailer. 2.Perseverance,3. I'm kind to my horse and myself. 4. Realize that though a big lovely warmblood will go up the levels, I am not that rider and need instead a kind, forgiving, much less than perfect horse. 5.I read and study riding blogs and utube. 6. I pay for lessons, and have paid for training. 7. I show. 8. I make a attempt at fitness. 9. I provide for my horses and provide a retirement home. My old mare is 32 and very healthy. 10. I guess my only skill is to look where you are going, keep your eyes up. These skills are not what you had in mind. But I don't feel I have any real riding skills, other than perseverance!

  3. 1. Grooming/Tacking up
    2. Posting the trot
    3. Sitting the trot
    4. Canter in half seat/2point
    5. Post the canter
    6. Jump 3' courses
    7. Trail ride (barely)
    8. Flying changes
    9. Extend and collect in canter/trot
    10. Halt when I want to

  4. Skills learned from/used during riding?
    -Awareness of body
    -Good balance
    -be in the moment
    -ability to measure things in horse strides
    -listening to horse
    -conversing respectfully
    -being brave even when I don't want to to be

  5. hmm interesting idea. I listed some but I don't want to sound like I'm an expert because I'm not.
    Off the top of my head:
    1. lunging/ground work - I include this because I think it translates to under saddle.
    2. Focus
    3. canter- I love the canter and I believe that I sit it well
    4. I can ride out a buck (or two)
    5. When I do come off I usually land on my feet (no idea why).
    6. I can follow directions and listen to feedback

  6. Hmmm, I don't know how basic to get on this but I'm going super basic so I can actually have 10.
    1) Two point
    2) Posting on the correct diagonal
    3) Half halt
    4) Riding bareback
    5) Leg yielding (and the necessary cues)
    6) Backing up
    7) Closing my hands (this skill is a bit shaky)
    8) Not bouncing while sitting the trot
    9) Relaxed elbows and shoulders that move with the horse
    10) Adjusting/choosing the gait the horse travels at

    Hope this is what you're looking for!

  7. 1) forgiving hands
    2) unemotional in the saddle
    3) forgiving rider
    4) follow instructions clearly from trainer
    5) using aids politely
    6) support my own upper body
    7) can sit temper tantrums
    8) good at praising horses
    9) always end on a good note
    10) ride only for the amount of time I need; IE taking time to dissect a question for a horse or ending soon if horse is responding well

    That took me way too long and was really hard