Monday, October 3, 2016

One of my favorite parts

I taught a lesson yesterday to a pretty darn adorable kid - sweet, talkative, willing to take instruction. She was quite small and it was her first time on a horse, so I kept Chente on the lead and just walked around with him while we talked about where to put your foot on the stirrup, did some stretching, and talked about favorite ice creams (hers was chocolate).

And then, near the end, I asked if she wanted to trot a bit. She nodded and I urged Chente up to a trot while I held the girl's leg.

It started as a muffled giggle but erupted into belly laughs within a few strides. Her face was radiant, and the laughter so contagious I found myself giggling while jogging along.

And that's how, out of breath from running and laughing, I welcomed the girl into the world of loving horses.