Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The EquiCube

What is it? From their website: The EQUICUBE is a core strength training tool uniquely designed to improve core strength, balance, and posture in the saddle.

How does it work? You hold the cube in with your reins, balance the top of the box so it's flat, and then keep it from resting on the horse's withers. It's surprisingly heavy, so the goal is to hold the cube in your core rather than your shoulders.

Does it work? Yes. I tried the cube with nearly all my riders the first weekend I had it and what I love about it is that the feeling of holding the cube is totally right brain. Some of the things I was able to tackle by just mentioning the cube: floating elbows, zombie arms, uneven hands, hands too low/high, upper body too far forward, yanking the inside rein to steer, giving the outside rein too exuberantly on circles... and more.

I saw this on some recommended post on Google Plus, I really wasn't searching this out. I checked out the website and watched the video but thought it was a little too expensive for a training tool, so I passed on it. It was also rather backordered, but then I saw they were offering $10 off if you ordered while they were waiting for the next shipment. "What the heck," I told myself, and bought it. 

And I'm really glad I did. Do I recommend it to the average rider? I'm not sure. It's a little expensive and unwieldy without help, but I know that I've enjoyed riding with it and the tells it has for me. If you teach beginners/intermediate riders I recommend it whole-heartedly. The cube gives the feeling for correcting some upper body issues, whereas when I just repeat myself a lot the riders are never quite certain of the feeling they're looking for.

What have my riders said about it? I've had the following comments from my riders:
  • It's heavy
  • My core hurts
  • It's really helpful so I steer with my legs more
  • Ugh this is torture
  • No, not the cube!
  • Can I try the cube to see if it helps me keep my shoulders even? (it did)
  • Oh, that's what you mean by bend my elbows!
  • This was really helpful, I can't wait to use it again
True facts. 


  1. Oh cool! I've always wondered about these. I can see how it works at the trot when the horse's head and neck doesn't oscillate, but how does it work when you need to follow at the walk and canter when the elbows are supposed to swing forward and back to follow the head. Seems like it would cause a rider to rotate around their hand in an effort to keep the cube still.

    I love the "no, not the cube!" comment haha

    1. I actually saw a pretty excellent smoothing-out of the contact because at the walk/trot we did a ton of work on relaxing the riders' elbows and shoulders, so at the canter I saw riders following the oscillation a lot better than without the cube. I think if you emphasized absolute stillness of the cube you'd get pretty poor results at the canter though.

  2. inneresting! i've always been super curious about trying one of these....

    1. They're pretty fun! If you find someone around you with one, give it a shot! I'd love to know what you think of it :)

  3. I've only read good reviews about these, but they definitely seem like torture items to me! :P

    1. Oh they're totally torture devices, 100%. Maybe that's why I like it so well...

  4. That is neat! Haven't heard of it before