Monday, August 24, 2015

So we went to White Rock Ranch instead! (8/5/15)

Since we didn't have any of our horses going on Sunday at Woodside, we took Ginger and Diva to White Rock for some exposure, etc.

My favorite thing about Diva is that she is simply cool as a cucumber under pressure. She may not always know where her legs are, but she will do her best and just casually hop over anything you point her at. As her strength and stamina increase, I'm very excited to start seeing what the edge of her ability is. 

I rode the GingerPony! I love this little mare - and I totally realize that I am ridiculously oversized for her. She's so fun and she's beginning to get really rideable. We had a really disappointing amount of difficulty getting over the fence below. Pony said HECK NO a few times until I finally legged her over it, at which point she said, "sure, fine, that's easy." She needs a few more shows like this - she's getting really honest to the fences and she doesn't have a nasty refusal in her so I think with practice and miles she's going to be a very easy, sweet ride for the kids.

Although eagle-eyed readers might notice the dirt on my arm in this photo.... she did put a HARD stop on me when the fences went up too far, and I sorta slid right over her ears (oops.) The show management was WONDERFUL and lowered the fence and let me jump it a few times before calling it a day. 

I continue to love this show for its schooling environment: if you're having an issue with a fence, they'll let you school it. This is so nice for me and my greenbeans.

Diva is so precious. MORE GRID WORK IS NECESSARY though... she's super brave and she'll jump literally anything but egads those legs what are they doing?


  1. i kinda love that ginger pony too - so cute!!!

    1. I just want to snuggle her all the time because she's adorable