Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Concessions to Kiddos

Sometimes I get torn between my desire to not create habits that will require fixing later in life, and a desire to just get through my advanced beginner lessons without undue frustration (on my part or the kids!).

It's a difficult line to walk, especially because even the best and sweetest lesson horses tend to the dull, uninspired side after enough time with kid-butt in saddle.

As an interim for the Ginger-pony, I'm working on consolidating her response to a tap with the crop and a kissing sound for the canter... even though I'd rather the kids learn to sit up and aid her into the canter with their leg and allow the crop to be the primary back-up.

It's a raging internal debate I suppose... but it will become null as the kids grow stronger, taller, and more experienced.


  1. That's definitely a tricky balance and I don't envy you the job of starting all those little kids!! But yea sanity for you, them AND the horses is key haha

    1. Mostly the horses, I think... hahaha they are saints, all of them!