Friday, May 8, 2015

Three realms

When I teach riding, there are three distinctly separate elements of training I keep in mind.

  1. The physical: how do you move your body, apply your aids, and use your balance?
  2. The mental: how do you think about your riding, do you know why we use the aids in this way, can you analyze the horse's actions and think about it from his point of view?
  3. The more nebulous spiritual side: do you have an intensely personal sense of what it is like for you to ride a horse?


  1. The woman I train with talks about this too, though she doesn't use the exact words. She talks a lot of how and why to use the aids, and about feeling when everything is going right.

    1. Excellent! I think it's very important for trainers to have a lot of theory behind their instruction and try not to fall into the "please just do as I say" trap too often.