Thursday, May 28, 2015

Peppertree H/J May 17

Sunday, May 17th I hauled Diva, Danny, and Tango to a hunter show in Livermore. I was riding Danny because he's been so difficult for my kids, I decided it was time for me to actually school through it. Diva's rider was coming along for his first real over-fences show (keeping in mind that the kid seriously has had maybe 10 jumping lessons? He's stupid talented at keeping his lower leg perfectly 100% still though so I figured let's just see what happens) and E was going to ride Tango in the flat classes.

Selfies are really not my forte guys
This show... whew. I was blown away. It was the perfect schooling show. Like seriously, I loved it so much and I wish I could go every weekend.

We rolled out of LGF at o'dark thirty and found our way without much trouble to the grounds, where I dumped Diva and her rider and abandoned them for two and a half hours (sorry, two horse trailer!) while I went to go get Danny and Tango.

So here's a thing. Danny has been hauled all over kingdom come, but mostly in a slant load. I hauled him all the way to Fresno and back in the straight load (~6 hours round trip) without problem, but recently he's started to scramble in my trailer. It started during turns, and now he just does it like whenever he wants. We had moved maybe ten feet and he threw himself against the center divider and scrambles against the side of the trailer.

Tango was pissed and tried to kick/bite him but that was a whole other issue.

We wrap his legs super thoroughly to prevent him cutting himself, but it's nervewracking and dangerous. Anyone have advice on this?

We warmed up nicely (I love freshly polished boots for how sticky they are! I felt like my eq has never been more perfect) and then waited... forever. The first three classes went by so fast that I thought it'd be our turn before noon, but it ended up not being the case. Like... we probably could have shown up a little later than we did. Oh well!

The first round was a 2' hunters class. I went in equipped with spurs and my crop, and I rode like I was very, very serious. We had a stop to the first fence and a lot of wiggling, but the rest of the course rode pretty... okay. I can't say it was pretty. There were two whole fences on course that he didn't even try to refuse so I'll accept any victory I can.

The next was an equitation course at 2' that we nabbed a third in for who knows what reason - I'll take it anyway!

Then we rode a handy hunters, another equitation course, and finally a jumpers class. The jumpers class was fun because we went super fast for a little morgan. I have no video of it, unfortunately.

What even is happening to my upper body there

The above photo was our first time over this fence and I really, really, really didn't want him to refuse it, but he disagreed with me. Chip stride much?

Overall I was ecstatic with Danny - his fitness bore us through the day and he got WAY more rideable each time I went into the ring. Don't get me wrong, this has been my student's experience with him as well, but I'm hoping that one more show under me and he'll have some confidence facing new and different sorts of fences.

This one is my favorite
And what about Diva? Her first jumping show ever?

I want to event this horse something fierce. She was SO BRAVE. She didn't hesitate to jump anything she was pointed at, and the only fault she exhibited was some rushing. Her rider had a positive attitude and really rode in the ring. He totally focused on what I asked him to focus on, he didn't have any trouble remembering his courses, and he rode really really well.

I got on to repeat a round after her rider, just to offer her some schooling in the ring.

She was rather unexcited to be held to a quieter pace in the arena, but she felt wonderful despite the photos looking the way they do....

I can't wait to see how she develops in the next six months.

her expression here ahhaha
Love this little mare!
And of course, we cannot forget about Tango.

Tango was very excellent, until he wasn't. There was a moment when everyone was cantering on the rail that a car drove past him. I'm not certain what entered his mind, but I think he felt as if he and his new friends were all galloping about and so he should express his joy. He porpoised, crowhopped, and bolted his away around the arena a few times, and then when they changed direction he did the same thing.

Sassy, sassy animal.

E rode like a boss though and I couldn't be more proud of her.

This show gets an A+ from me and the kids because of how well run it was, how nice everyone was, and the environment as a whole. Definitely not a show to look at if rated shows are on your list anytime soon, but if you're looking to get out and compete a bit, ride courses you wouldn't at home, and gain some exposure, I loved this event.

We'll be back, Livermore!


  1. you guys always seem to have so much fun at these shows - glad it was a great outing for all involved

    1. I do what I can to make them good experiences for everyone - sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't!

  2. Peppertree is where Carlos and I cut our teeth in the very beginning! Glad you had fun there, drop me a line next time you might go and I'll try and come watch :)

    1. That'd be super awesome! I'll definitely let you know