Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 In Review Pt 1.5

Blogger continues to baffle me, but there's a video of my dog wrestling with a rope swing in here!

July involved a quick trip home to Michigan, along with more summer camps.

I love lake Michigan.

I made dinner for the family!

I went to the Cherry Festival.

Which it turns out is way more fun when you're an adult

I rode a friend's horse and stared at his head while my sister took selfies

There was also an awesome goat.

My friends house is effing gorgeous and someday I will take her up on her offer and come live with her.

I thought this was funny. So's my sister's face.

I rode a pit bike!

Lucy hunted lizards in the lavender.

Lucy ran 5.65 miles in 1 hour, 34 minutes.

And she couldn't have been happier about it.

He was a jerk.

When Tango first came home

Look at his face

I high fived a bear at the garlic festival

The kids decorated a horse for camp. It was great.

When August rolled around, I had Camou and Tango as personal projects.

The first time Tango tried cruising.

As unorthodox as it was, it actually did work in terms of calming him down

Happy kid, Donkey Camou

Hah hah hah cleaning tack?

Lucy stole another dog's frisbee and couldn't have been happier about it

NM came to visit and it was awesommeee!

I took to matching Lucy's kerchief to my shirt or breeches, depending.


  1. Ahh I recognize that little arena at Webb, I've been spending way more time in that thing than I'd like with all the rain. Sounds like a great year!

  2. hahaha that snapchat pic of Tango is hilarious