Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life of a Groom

Yesterday (actually April 26 because this has been sitting in my drafts for a very long time) while chatting with the farrier about goodness-knows-what because that's what you do when the farrier is there, one of my working students had tacked Tango up for me and sort of hung around awkwardly waiting for me to take Tango up to school.

Tango started to dance and I think WS might have coughed or something to remind me that I had a horse waiting for me, and the farrier shared this story that just made me laugh:

"It's the life of a working student or a groom, you hurry up and you wait, you hurry up and you wait. You see the groom standing around falling asleep while the trainer is just talking to everyone, talking to everyone, and then you hear the trainer say, 'no, no, let me go get you some coffee!' and walk off. You see the groom start to sweat, thinking to himself, 'I was supposed to have about seventy horses tacked up ten minutes ago...' I've seen it a hundred times."

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