Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recapping trail rides sounds more fun in my head than it is to write about

The past few weeks I've had the AMAZING opportunity to go on several trail rides in new places. (I love owning a truck. Seriously the best decision I've ever made. I don't even care if I can't afford to show very much this year. LOVE THE TRUCK.)

First I took Tango, Indiana, and The Boy to somewhere in Morgan Hill. I don't really know, it was back behind the Target? But there was a river crossing! And it was big and open and flat. There was a lovely orchard to ride through that we all opted not to because it was heavy on the bees and I didn't have my epi pen in the truck. (Still don't. Should fix that.)

I admit that Indiana did take off with him... twice. The Boy came back laughing and did not fall, so that's a good thing. 
The river was so fun, and I couldn't be more proud of Tango's developing trail skills. I think he's going to be very fun to event... someday....

Then the next week I took one of my students out for a ride in Quicksilver Park. This place is not for the unfit horse, nor for the weak of spirit, but we had an amazing time on Kat and Tango.

I am legitimately in love with this park. We rode perhaps a total of five miles, lots of up and down and most of it at the walk. I got us a little lost and we scrambled down what was little more than a deer-trail. Kat was a boss after the first mile, there was plenty of jigging at first.

I was describing this ride to one of my farrier-friends, and she told me that it sounded like the beginning of a bad romance novel. And maybe it was. But there was something SO magical about having my two horses out on the trail, being well-behaved and fantastic, the weather being perfect with the clouds and the sun...

Anyways. Have two humorous videos from the second trail ride:

As an aside, the beginning of that second video catches me saying, "do as I say, not as I do..." as I proceed to wish for a helmet cam and we canter up a hill.

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