Monday, November 16, 2015

Las Vegas Nationals

This is not the exciting news y'all were hoping for. Instead, this is a post about disappointment.

It was a mess.
  1. A tree fell on the shipper's trailer, caving the roof in
  2. The shipper was unable to find a suitable replacement trailer
  3. One of the horses I was supposed to compete pulled up lame
  4. A miscommunication with the office regarding the above transportation issues led to the office assuming we weren't coming at all and completely scratching all 4 horses.
  5. This left me with a rented truck, a week off, and a completely ready-to-compete horse with nowhere to go
The horses stayed home. E & I ventured to Vegas without the horses and collected some really fun stories that I will tell you tomorrow. For now, I'm going to heave a heavy sigh and look ahead to shows in 2016. 


  1. oh no :( oh i'm so sorry Kathryn! ugh you must be so disappointed.

    1. Definitely bummed. It was a lot of stress to prepare for and endlessly disappointing to not have a final stretch to pour my heart into. I'm left with all these loose ends sort of thinking, 'well, what now?'

  2. :( that sucks! hope you still were able to have some fun in Vegas.

  3. Ugh, such a bummer. What a bad time for such random things to go wrong. I hope you enjoyed yourself anyway!